Integrated Design in one meeting with 

Expensive and time consuming interior designers may be a thing of the past with the introduction of Symmetry Dental Direct’s new Symmetry ID (integrated design) System.  This new approach to office design allows you to create a customized space, tailored to your tastes and practice needs within the span of a single meeting.


“We hired a team of interior designers so you don’t have to,” said Ted Wegman, CEO of Symmetry Dental Direct. 



Symmetry ID Offers 15 Style Palates

There is a full range of styles available including Craftsman,

Traditional, Spa and Modern to name a few.

Each ID Kit Includes

Recommendations and quality ranges for the following materials

and fixtures needed to complete an office.

Stop the countless paint chips, swatches and trips to the hardware store.  ID your new office and get a professional look without the hassle.