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Is there an upcharge for the premium embossed laminate?

No. The elegance that it adds to the overall design of your practice is one of the biggest “Bang for your Buck” available. Consider this our gift to you.

What is the base made of?

STEEL… With a brushed nickel protective finish to prevent rust and look great for years to come. Let’s be honest, over the course of your career you will have a water leak. For safety reasons alone you do not want a wood or laminated base sitting in water. While a marine-grade wood may survive a weekend underwater the finish will delaminate.

Why is BDS equipment shown with your product?

We have chosen to integrate with BDS because of their consistent reliability and ethics. While other companies build “Products That Sell”, they build “Products That Work”. Our two companies have very similar ethics and business philosophies.

Why have I not heard of Symmetry?

We do not advertise heavily. You may have seen the message that our focus is on creating the perfect balance of elegance, function, quality, and price. Excess advertisement solely adds to your cost. Like most dentist we appreciate when you tell your friends about us.

Where can I see the Symmetry 4.0 product?

We have multiple showrooms set up at our partner dealers offices. Please give us a call at 314-497-0403 and we can figure out the best method for you to touch and feel the Symmetry 4.0 line.

Is the Symmetry 4.0 product line “Green”?

VERY GREEN is the best answers. From day one we have been very cognizant of what goes into the landfills. A large portion of our raw material has been produced using post-industrial waste, meaning even our vendors are green.